Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election Cheers, Jitters and Eh's

I've been looking forward to voting all day. Not sure whether the nearly gridlocked preliminary results had anything to do with it, but my stomach has been in a ball of knots for the past four hours. Why shouldn't it be with all the buzzing on social networks and in personal conversations trying to predict the next president?

There's a lot riding on this election, such as Obamacare, the fiscal cliff, tax code overhaul. The next president will have plenty on his plate this upcoming term. And Americans are anxious and excited as the media continues to persistently and continuously stream the election results.

So what's being reporting? Here is the rundown:

- NBC has confirmed that an electronic voting machine in PA has gone haywire. Votes being cast for Obama are being recorded for Romney.
- FL race is very close, with Obama having a slight advantage.
- Each candidate is naturally winning their respective political state.
- Obama is losing the working class white vote in swing states except for Ohio.

Family is reporting a malfunctioned scanning machine in the Tampa area,
plenty of interpreters at a Park Slope, Brooklyn voting site, loads of energy and interesting conversations.

I don't know about the rest of you, but tonight's results will be followed vigilantly. The economy is still in a slump and the job reports of late are eh, but improving, which only adds to the excitement.

So, I will be checking in on those news streams and then ending my night with Jon Stewart's live election analysis. Because if this election doesn't go as anticipated, I want the news delivered with a punch of humor, a dose of satire and a lot of crude cussing.

If you're looking for news sources, WSJ is live streaming, as well as The New Yorker and Forbes' contributor Kelly Phillips Orbs is tweeting at #taxgirl.

Until tomorrow, either goodnight or good luck, America. Only time will tell.

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