Saturday, November 24, 2012

Who led us to the fiscal cliff? Does it really matter?

The Huffington Post has a slide show depicting the 10 culprits that led us to the fiscal cliff. Personally, I'm not sure how the blame game will help politicians lead us out of this mess, but the list is interesting nonetheless. Some who made the list have been indicted in the past, others were surprise mentions.

 If the list accomplishes anything, it demonstrates that we are all in this together, regardless of our party line loyalty. There seems to be enough blame to go around for everyone, and rather than dwell on what role these individuals played or continue to play, it's important to focus on what went wrong and perhaps give the current administration and Congress a starting place.

One thing is for sure, Democrats and Republicans are behaving like an unhappily married couple whose finances have gone awry. It's time to seek some counseling, compromise, and get our financials back in order.

Here's a link to that slide show. What's your take on the list and these various players?

Huffington Post: 10 People Who Led Us to the 'Fiscal Cliff'

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