Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day: Tis the time of abundance

As I wait for my ride to the airport, I thought some Christmas facts were in order. Since this is a business blog, the focus will be naturally on figures.

  • 1930 - First year Santa appeared in his adoring red and white jammies. Many attribute the color coordination to a Coca Cola marketing pitch during this time period, although earlier photos show him in the same getup. Either way, it's still comfy and cute.
  • 1.76 billion - The number of candy canes made every season. I personally wish they either stop making them or switch them up a little. They're quite tasteless as the years pass.
  • 150 million - Estimated number of chocolate Santas molded this year. I love chocolate Santas, so long as they're not hollow.
  • 1.7 million - Number of live Christmas trees exported from Canada last year. Half came from Quebec.
  • 1789 -Congress holds its first session on Christmas. The day wasn't recognized as a holiday until nearly a century later.
  • 3 billion - Number of Christmas cards distributed each year.
  • 1,300 - Number of Christmas trees on Disney World's property this year, decorated with 300,000 yards of ribbons and bows.

    And there you have it. On my way to New York City to revisit the spirit of the holidays there. My last visit to the area at this time was in 1998, and I am pretty excited.

    Seasons greetings to you all.

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