Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hobby Lobby on the Morning-After Pill: No way, no how

Crafts chain store Hobby Lobby has announced it will not be offering its employees health insurance under the new health care law, even as it expects to incur $1.3 million in penalties per day. Hobby Lobby is owned by a family who prides itself as devout Christians, and the mandatory provision requiring health insurers to pay for the morning-after pill upon request contradicts its values.

Hobby Lobby and Mardel, a sister Christian-based retailer, have launched a lawsuit to block that portion of the bill. Company owners equate any form of contraception to an abortion and refuse to offer any health insurance that supports its distribution.

Since we're on the topic of values, has it ever occurred to Hobby Lobby's owners they may be violating their employees' rights to have access to contraception? As owners of the place, the type of health insurance offered should be left to their discretion since they will be paying for it, but it's a problem when business owners attempt to force their beliefs onto employees.

And to be willing to pay over a million dollars per day is not a sign of conviction, but foolishness. Surely that money can be used more productively, to say, educate students on the consequences of unwanted pregnancies.

The point is this: you can't use your money or power to push your values onto others. Hobby Lobby's owners may have convinced themselves they're making a moral stand, but I'm not buying it. Sounds to me like another corporation bullying its interests on the public.

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