Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update those resumes: Coveted positions and qualities for job applicants

Hiring season has commenced - at least for 25 out of Fortune's 100 'Best Companies to Work For'. I clicked through every company, reading through the job posts and, most importantly, the coveted qualities they're vying for in prospective candidates.

Let's face it, six years after the 2007 financial meltdown, the economy is yet to fully recover to its stable days. This raises the competitive environment up several notches and makes it that much important to learn new skills and enhance the existing ones. Not only are hard skills important, but so are the soft ones as the list below shows.

Let's start with the top three sought-after qualities:
  • 28 percent of the companies listed had relationship-building high on their list of critical skills. This includes having the ability to relate to colleagues and customers alike.
  • 20 percent looked for excellent communication skills. Specifically, recruiters were seeking those employees who were articulate and showed the potential to listen actively.
  • 3 out of the 25 advised candidates to ensure they had the basic required skills for the position they were pursuing. One recruiter made an important distinction between basic and qualified. Namely, if you have additional skills - beyond what is expected - you may have an advantage over competitors - "may" because you can be labeled overqualified for a position. But applying for a job where you lack the basic requirements keeps you off the radar, especially if companies have implemented those saavy recruiter softwares to sift through resumes.
It's important to note that two of the companies recommended using social networks for job seeking purposes. They advise interested parties to follow the companies on the various sites available, including Facebook and Twitter, and make your presence and needs known, but tactfully. Some of the companies were vague, using words such as "leadership qualities" and "passionate" to describe wanted attributes. I say vague because those categories can encompass a wide variety of qualities.

Now, the types of positions available:
  • I'm proud to say that accountants rule. Yes, we are in demand (whew!). So are financial advisers, mortgage experts, and managers.
  • Operations seems to have made the list several times as well. So if you're in the business of logistics and product manufacturing, then it may be time to update that resume.
  • Engineers are needed as well, in all sub-fields really.
  • Let's not overlook those tech nerds. Software geeks and computer experts are in demand as well. That includes web designers too, although that may fall under the engineering category. Maybe. But I'm not a tech junkie so forgive me if I'm wrong.
  • Sales and Marketing positions are needed as well, across many industries too.
To see a list of companies, visit this link here. And happy job-hunting.

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