Thursday, February 28, 2013

Budget Cuts and Big Data: Say it really is so.

As I reported this afternoon, those upcoming budget cuts are still on everyone's mind. Well, at least the media's mind. A recent survey found that only 27 percent of Americans understand what the sequester really is, let alone care.

Why should they when the country's leaders behave as they are. While money does cause problems in any relationship, whether political or private, there is plenty at stake here: the disappointing economy and the ensuing fear that grips Americans because the future seems so bleak and uncertain.

Latest round of reporting is that the Republicans have an offer on the table, one that the Democrats have adamantly refused. It proposes $85 billion in cuts to be determined by the president. The Democrats are not pleased with the offer, least of all the president who wants to focus on raising taxes to generate more revenue.

Until a compromise is actually reached, which one will be because the past is a good example of future behavior. Our leaders just need more time to think things through - and influence the public why their plan is the ideal plan.

Until that time comes, I'm going to follow the latest events to judge just how accurate or off the mark the analyses were. So I will be posting the latest predictions, statistics and super cool interactive maps I love playing with for hours.

First up, is a series of interactive maps created by Business Insider's data geniuses, which show a state-by-state impact to GDP, job market performance and labor income.

Visit the site here to see how the budget cuts will affect your state.

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