Sunday, February 24, 2013

Financial Education for Children: Tools and Resources

Yesterday, a parent on a public forum asked about financial literacy resources for her child. In recent years, a campaign advocating financial education has been growing pretty strongly. Researching a financial literacy paper I'm working on turned up three sites:

  • The Jump Start Coalition is comprised of several organizations working together to provide online activities to engage children in financial education. There are several links available catered to children of various ages. The coolest activity on there though is a tool that gives children insight to what it's like to live as an independent adult. Visitors are walked through a normal life expenses, budgeting and savings lesson that's bound to make them appreciate their parents a lot more. Visit the website and see for yourself:

  • The Common Core State Standards were passed in the United States to establish criteria children should be meeting in math and reading. So far, 46 states and Puerto Rico have adopted the standards. School administrators have been working diligently to prepare for implementation. Parents can bookmark the site and keep up with the latest news on school performance and the types of standards their children are required to meet. Visit the site to learn more:

  • The Treasury Dept has site up a website holding a treasure trove of financial education resources for adults and children. There are links available to other federal sites with activities. It's a one-stop shopping for everything finance. Visit the site at

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