Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pass the Benefits: What top companies offer workers

How does your company measure up to the "Best and Brightest companies to Work For," a yearly survey that compares the offerings of top companies?

According to the National Association for Business Resources (NABR), the most luring companies offer the following benefits:

  • 90 percent offer flexible work hours and 75 percent allow employees to telecommute.
  • 80 percent encourage volunteering and community work.
  • 78 percent provide employee discounts at sponsored retailers.
  • 73 percent invest in wellness programs.
  • 68 percent have increased employee salaries.
  • 67 percent support diversity initiatives at work or sponsor multicultural events.

Companies that made the list were nominated and then elected by the NABR. Selected companies were then assessed against the organization's criteria and received a full assessment of their performance. The winning list is an interesting one. Most of the businesses were not the usual ones to make such lists. I'm talking family-owned businesses, online information sources (, and local ones as well. To see a list of the 2012 winning companies, visit this link.

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