Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of the Union Address: All's well that ends well. For now.

Another State of the Union speech is over and President Obama has laid out his goals for the next four years. As is typical of the inclusive, gracious leader, he addressed just about every agenda and thanked both parties for their leadership. Everything that is ailing the country was touched upon, at least what should be the country's top priorities this term: technological advancement, education, gun control, tax overhaul and, yes, the economy.

As expected, conservatives waited for those prime moments to criticize. Rand Paul attacked the president before the speech with a comment unworthy of publication. Republican rising star, Senator Marco Rubio (FL), took the time to accuse the president of killing jobs, free enterprise, and the like.

Analysts seem to believe that President Obama has a difficult road ahead of him. There's that upcoming budget debate to contend with, gun control, etc, etc.  I don't agree. I believe he has won the respect of both parties during his first term. The scathing responses from conservatives are deliberate and expected. There is an election in four years to prepare for, and what better time to start than right now? There may be some minor arm twisting, but I expect some consensus in the near future. As stubborn as those Congress leaders are, they know there is a dire need for bipartisanship.

A strong takeaway from the president's speech tonight, one that serves as a meeting ground for both parties: it's pointless to continue passing policies when there are loopholes to be addressed. There are plenty of regulations to cover just about everything. What is needed are safeguards against bending the rules. That alone should help point the economy in the right direction.

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