Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Demand in Female Professionals: Expected Job Growth for the Next Decade

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled a list of the top growing jobs over the next decade, which has been presented in an attractive pictograph courtesy of CSM. The top four and number of additional jobs by occupation is:
  • Registered nurse      711,900 jobs
  • Retail sales               706,800 jobs
  • Home health aide     706,300 jobs
  • Personal care aide     607,000 jobs
The types of jobs expected to grow range from professional jobs, as listed number one above, and post-secondary teachers to lower skilled jobs such as janitors at 246,400 jobs and construction at 212,400. Several reasons have been offered as to why there is a demand in such a skill gap between the highly educated and laborers, ranging from off shoring work, unions, and technology replacing routine positions that fall mid-range in the professional spectrum.

The trend that stood out to me though is that most of the jobs in demand for the next decade are those filled by women, such as nurses, caretakers, teachers and receptionists. In total, 13 out of the 20 hot seats are in those careers dominated by women. The remaining are those filled by lower-skilled males.

When it comes to pay, the occupations offering the highest median pay went to women as well, namely nursing ($64,690) and teaching ($62,000 for post-secondary teachers and $52,000 at the elementary level). Low-paying jobs that are female saturated were personal care aids and child care workers. Cashiers came in as the lowest paying job in demand, with a median salary of $18,500.

Going by this list alone, it appears there will be more opportunities for women for the next seven years, especially degreed professionals. This suggests that either more women will be returning back to work, or there will be more demand for educated women in the future. Either way, the future is looking very hopeful for us.

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