Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Struggling Economy and Lateral Position Moves

The Federal Reserve has released its most recent meeting minutes with top policymakers. It has been confirmed that the economy is still struggling. There has been little to no growth over the past few months and the near future looks just as bleak, which means the job market will continue to hold its tightening grip and workers will have to redesign their career plans.

Searching for new a new job is difficult during this challenging period, but professionals should not delay advancing their careers. If a new position at your recent company is not an option, a lateral move the next best choice.

A lateral move has several benefits. It may not come with a raise or the ideal bonus, but it offers employees the opportunity to learn new skills. There is the added benefit of expanding one's network by meeting key personnel who can help advance your career in the future. Learning new skills allows workers to gain broader insight into their specialities and helps combats myopic focus and redundant, mindless learning. When the economy improves and that anticipated opportunity comes along, you have built your skill set and your contact list. That takes you several steps closer to reaching your career goals.

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