Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentina's Day and Office Etiquette: It's not always about love

Most of you already know it's Valentine's Day. Consumers have been forewarned since a month ago, whether we were rushing in for quick groceries, picking up to-go dinner orders, or just picking up cold and flu medicine at the local pharmacy. Exposure was expected at the retail level, but never at the professional level.

Reading through my twitter feed at lunch, I've come across about five headlines advising Valentine's etiquette at the office. And yes, keep your secret desires on the down low - no flirting, or overt expression of affection. But do infatuated colleagues really need this one day to slip up? No.

What these headlines are missing are practical Valentine's Day advice, something that deals with the absurd and eccentric. For example:

- Limit red apparel to no more than two items, if nothing at all. Christmas is over and no one is expecting Santa to walk into the lobby.

- Leave some cookies and chocolates for your coworkers. That includes refraining from putting a few sweets to the side for the kiddos. It's not fair to show up at the designated dessert table and not find any.

- Please don't share the animated emails. Most of your colleagues are too busy and too mature for that.

- Ladies, give your spouses a break and have bouquets delivered at home. No need to compete with the hot secretary your male peers are attracted to, or the newly engaged clerk. Reality will come soon enough for them.

Lots of love from my family to yours.

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