Monday, February 18, 2013

WomenWatch and Gender Equality: We're all in it together

I was doing some research about financial literacy for an e-book I'm working on when my search results turned up a link to WomenWatch. It's a website set up by the UN and several organizations aimed at exposing women's issues worldwide. There are links to all sorts of information, ranging from headline news, events, statistics, among other interesting material. It is a women's resource haven for anything that impacts women professionally, privately, and domestically. I was pleased to find a link catered to men and boys, because as the site states, women's equality can not and will not be achieved without the help of our men. As I've mentioned before in posts and touched upon in my e-book, that the pro-woman crusade should never become an anti-male campaign. We need to work together to instill gender equality - for men and women. Our children's future is riding on it.

FYI: Aside from the wealth of information, there are also webinars included. Topics covered are environmental issues, employment news, women with disabilities, and many others. Visit the site at to learn more.

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