Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day: It's not just for the girls

Today is International Women's Day and it was as exciting an event as could be possible on Twitter world. Merely using the hashtag #internationalwomensday connected you to shoutouts and intriguing posts from all over the world. What better way to spend such a momentous event than with amazing women and their supporters worldwide?

This year, I came across a website sponsored by the International Finance Corporation, an affiliate of The World Bank. According to the site's information page, it was first launched in 2001 although this is the first time I come across it. Visitors are invited to open an account and create a web page where they can share their talents and voices with the public. There are links to upload personal or public art, stories, and articles.

Looking through the site's history page, the event has been honored since the early 1900s although it only caught momentum with the help of social media sites. The day has been used to advocate for women's rights as well as to protest against wars and historical injustices. It was interesting to learn that men have graciously been on board the fight for gender equality since its founding. Maybe it's just me, but this news makes the event a tad bit more special. What makes IWD so important is that it highlights two major points: 1) that the fight for women's rights is a global and human campaign and 2) women have been on the battlegrounds advocating for social justice and have made real, lasting impact. Which means that we have been change agents long before we started standing up for ourselves. Now that's momentous.

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