Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BLS: Most Popular Positions Pay Less than National Average

If you think the job reports of past years have been disappointing, you haven't read the latest one. CNN Money is reporting that seven of the ten most popular occupations pay less than $30,000 a year. The national average is $45,790.

Relying on the Bureau of Labor Statistic's most recent report, here's a rundown of findings:

- Although retail jobs are the most popular jobs, they only pay about $25,000 on average

- Cashiers and waiters get paid only $21,000.

- wage workers in the food industry, the third most common occupation, receive less than $19,000 a year on average.

- Secretaries and customer service reps receive $33,000

- The top paying occupation was nursing, which pays on average $68,000

Apparently, more than half of the job gains we experienced the past were low paying wage positions. Not surprising, since many companies have had to cut their payroll costs and higher lower paid workers to keep their companies running. Where does this take us into the future? Stay tuned.

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