Thursday, April 4, 2013

When Damage Control Strategies Fail: Dealing with the office troublemakers

No doubt you're bound to run into diverse personalities at the office. We read about it in the finest literature, comfort friends and co-workers as they rehash their horrid experiences with the managers from hell, and face off with a few at our own companies.

Friction is expected at some points during the work day. There are deadlines to meet and uncertainty we're unable to account for. Once the ordeal is over, you're expected and should shrug any incidents off and move on. But how does one cope with the difficult and moody, the ones conditioned to turn on their coworkers even when the days are running smoothly?

The answer is, you just do. Experience has taught me there is so much one can do to get along. And not everyone will like you regardless of how hard you try, including your team members. So the solution is to keep antagonists at a distance, maintain a professional relationship and focus on getting your work done. Chances are that even if you follow these simple guidelines, there will still be - well - friction.

At this point, the choices are you either react to the pettiness or maintain a professional and amicable front. There is no right answer really. Some folks don't respect boundaries and will keep pushing your buttons until a confrontation occurs. Sad news is, they don't know any better. Maybe I should be addressing this with a more optimistic stance and shower readers with a list of damage control strategies. I won't because that information is already out there, and most times those tactics fail with the troubled and disturbed.

The good news is that most colleagues are tolerable. And more likely than not, they are aware of the minor deviants. The only solution then is to continue building relationships with those employees you do get along with and leave the rest alone. They're probably living through their own internal hell anyway.

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