Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Staying Classy in the Workplace

A friend just learned she will have to re-interview for her position. She works as a supervisor for a company that recently merged with another. Now there are employees from that company vying for her position.

She was rather calm when she delivered the news. Maybe it's because she has been reassured that all managers in her department have to re-interview. If she is concerned, she has not revealed it in anything she says or does. Instead, she has found the will to find humor from the situation.

Two lessons to take away from her experience: the values of perception and ethics. She could have chosen to be angry, maybe even feel betrayed. She hasn't voiced any of that. Instead she is set on preparing for the interview and giving it her best shot. When asked what she would do if she was not hired, she merely responded she'd look for another job.

She was working on a big project before she received the news. She still plans to see it through regardless of the outcome. This is about the third week she has put in grueling hours and strategies to get this project completed, and she plans to keep at it until it's completed. Talk about work ethics.

Tonight when I discuss workplace interactions at the economic empowerment class, I will use her as a timely example of the importance of mastering those overlooked soft skills: class and dedication.

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