Monday, May 13, 2013

The End of the Stressful Weekend

I did it again. Long before the weekend sneaked up on me, I had set aside four major tasks to accomplish before Sunday night. In reality, I accomplished nothing even though that mental to-do list hounded me all weekend. So, what went wrong?

For one thing, I forgot about two major events: Mother's Day and my daughter's debate banquet. These were two occasions I couldn't overlook, although I could have planned better had I scheduled them into my calendar. Then there's the piling laundry, the graduation I agreed to attend, and that movie I just had to see. By Sunday night, I was physically and mentally spent and wound up falling asleep a half hour earlier than usual. Now I'm sitting here during lunch asking myself what could I have done better.

The truth is, absolutely nothing. As a mother of three, uncertainty is common, even for someone as organized as I am. Sure, I could have disregarded the laundry, and spend the rest of the week contending with my kids' whining and outbursts. I could have postponed the movie until next week, but it was a Mother's Day treat with my teen boy, who's love of film has led him on a potential career path in that field. How can I possibly turn down the opportunity to have a discussion about his passion? Anything else that tied me down could not have been neglected, so I was in an unforeseeable bind.

But if I could do it over again, what I would do differently is cut time preparing when it was possible. I don't really need an hour and a half to dress for functions. Clean up time in the kitchen could be reduced or split between the two-day weekend. As for the laundry, I could stick to my guns and make my teen boy wash his own clothes. While that had been the initial goal, somehow he managed to delegate that chore back to me.

So now that I didn't accomplish anything really significant this week, that mental list is weighing me down again. And to be frank, the self help advice that's dispensed by so-called experts is not working for me. Not one of their inputs has helped manage the uncertainty that harps on a me every so often. Maybe what I need is my own organization solution. And tomorrow, when I discuss making wise decisions in class, I'll be sure to discuss sticking to routines that work best for each individual lifestyle.

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