Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Week's Thoughts: Bangladesh and Finding Yourself

So I'm back. It was an excruciatingly painful work week with all the various deadlines and projects we had. In a half hour, there is another teleconference to make, so I'll dedicate this post to thoughts I've had over the week:

1) Bangladesh garment factory fire: the last update I caught had close to 400 dead and about 3,000 rescued. A tragedy for the families of victims and the mega retailers whose merchandise was being assembled by factory workers. There's been an ongoing debate about the morals of outsourcing processes to undeveloped nations so corporations can cut costs. This tragedy highlights why the debate continues. But I was impressed by Bangladesh's swift reaction to the tragedy. The factory owner was detained and questioned. He was apprehended just as he was about to cross the border into India. Turns out the facility he owned had several violations but he still forced his employees to return to work under unsafe conditions. The corporate retailers have stepped up and offered aid and compensation. Whether or not their gesture suffices is up for debate, but at least they're owning up. It's a sad and embarrassing time for capitalist nations.

2) Interesting conversation with a colleague: She was watching a reality show with a guest appearance by designer Diane Von Furstenberg. When asked what the secret to her success was, she responded something to the effect that she's always lived as the beret woman she can ever be, at which point my colleague responds: "How do you know who that is?" Interesting question. As women, we tend to wear many masks. Roll your eyes all you want, but it's true. We're mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, professionals, you name it. While we should be able to be ourselves, we find ourselves stepping into so many roles to accommodate. It is difficult to tune to our inherent selves. My response to the colleague ? It takes time to discover who you really are. But it is definitely a journey worth taking.

Back to work I go.

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