Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Film: Closing the Gender Gap

I'm preparing for a trip to New York to visit family and my favorite spots, which explains my sporadic posts of late. It is a trip that was initially met with apprehension, since it had to be cut short due to work responsibilities. In the past, before I became a full-time professional, I enjoyed months of vacation time in my hometown of Brooklyn. I miss those days, but the advantage to a limited vacation is that I get to squeeze in all those things I wanted to do but never had the opportunity to because, well, I procrastinated.

Anyway, during one of my research frenzies, I came across a film discussing the gender gap hosted by the leading public auditing firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers. It's a thorough piece because it takes an international look at the issue. Women from just about every corner of the earth were invited to the panel to discuss the complexities female professionals face in the workplace. It highlights the challenges we face together although distance separates us. The film was produced in 2009 but discusses women's roles in the workplace through 2050. A link to add to this site was never located. Some key issues will be highlighted below, along with a link to PwC's site.

Among the topics covered, here were the ones I found most interesting:

  • What makes women leave the workforce?
  • Is enough being done to accommodate the challenges women face?
  • Does perception of abilities play a role in creating that gender gap?
  • Would mentoring catered to women help them progress in the workplace?
These topics have been covered several times throughout this blog, but an international perspective is critical. Empowering women should not be isolated to a geographic area, but be inclusive so that equality is applied across the board.

Here's a link to the film. It's 27 minutes long, but there is also a transcript readers can skim through:

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