Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating 4th of July Modestly

July 4th is here again and I was granted an additional day off. Now that the free time is available, I find myself debating how to spend it. 

My kids and I just returned from a week long vacation from New York City. We had the opportunity to tour and reacquaint with family and friends. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to do everything as planned, but it was expected with the family wedding that was the source of our visit. 

My initial plan was to take a road trip with the kids this weekend. We would rent a hotel, visit a museum, do some shopping. Then catch the closest fireworks display. Only the kids wanted to relax and stay local so I'm at square one all over again: how to spend my July 4th weekend. 

A brief online search turned up several events. There were carnivals, parades, and similar activities to choose from. Only that comes with crowds and congested roads to contend with. There is always camping and fishing to consider, but my kids and I are not of that kind.  Which leaves us spending our holiday doing the usual: some shopping, grabbing a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant and then heading out to catch the fireworks show. Boring, but I've run out of ideas. 

With a full-time job and three children under my care, a little boredom is warranted. Most of my time is spent trying to catch up with life's demands, so what if I find myself sitting in a lawn chair waiting for the night sky to light up? Growing up in a large family with very little material belongings, I learned that life's best memories are created when you have that opportunity to be bored. Unexpected conversations arise, new friends are made and you're forced to sit down and enjoy the simple things life has to offer. Tomorrow as my kids and I are waiting idly by for the fireworks to start, we would have something to look forward to together. 

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