Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obamacare Guides for Private and Employer-Sponsored Coverage

Allow me to continue along the lines of yesterday's discussion on the new health care under Obamacare. On August 15th, the government released a new website for businesses. It is supposed to help owners navigate through the health care requirements. 

I played with the site for some time. Visitors answer a few questions about the location and size of their businesses. They also respond whether they are or are planning to offer health insurance, then they get their final results. The site also offers links to additional detailed information on the types of changes to expect once Obamacare's provisions set in. The questions are catered to businesses of all sizes, even small ones with no employees.  

Starting October, the self-employed and other individuals not entitled to employer sponsored health coverage can shop around for insurance at online markets. Financial assistance and tax credits may be available to this group as well. USNews has launched a site that lists the best private insurance coverage and rates for these individuals. 

The links for business and private health insurance are included below. I strongly recommend that you visit the government's site and understand the new requirements. 

For private insurance: 

For businesses:

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