Monday, August 12, 2013

Streamlining the Work Process

I've started a new project at work, one that would require me to track the progress of fellow coworkers. We have started preparing for the rollout of a new software that promises to simplify the way we do accounting. So the entire month will be dedicated to this transition from the old to the new way of reporting. 

Technology has improved our lives tremendously, no doubt, especially in the workforce. Tasks are accomplished much faster, we have easy accessibility to our work across geographic and software systems. However, where we have improved in speed, we have been burdened by carry load. 

When traveling for work, there is the company laptop to carry. To avoid conflict of interst, we may be compelled to carry a personal one to avoid using the one supplied by the company. Then there's the ebooks and smart phones we may have in our possessions. It becomes a real hassle trying to lug all that technology around. Just having to carry a USB drive to transfer our work from one system to another is a problem as well. 

Working on that project I mentioned, I found several templates to help monitor progress. They were functional and easy to use, but confined to the desktop I was using. They can be saved on that USB drive and added or modified on other computers, but what if that USB goes missing or for whatever reason is somehow unfunctional? I'm pretty much screwed. So I spent some time searching through smart phone apps that may help create a single workspace, so to speak. The goal is to transfer any files across various accounts. 

There were three that caught my attention. I'm still in the process of testing them, but they are promising to simplify how we use files on the go. And that's important now more than ever since the average professional is always on the run. Reading through the reviews though, there were some setbacks to consider. But if there is any way to access work without the burden of being confined to a single computer and a portable saving device is a major improvement. And when I discover that ideal method, I will share it with you. 

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