Monday, February 17, 2014

Gender Equality: The Right to Choose

Tired. It is on the lips of many women lately. Whether it is a group of single women, married, childless or committed to a family, every one of these women has uttered that word.

All these women have a degree under their belt, followed by years of work experience. They have been working diligently to build a life for themselves, a few often choosing to interrupt their careers to raise families, others opting to stay home because work is not an option now. I wish I could say that this latter arrangement was temporary, that these once career driven women are considering a return to the workforce, but they're not. Chances are, they will stay home as long as finances and time allows.  

Sitting at my living room table the past few weeks has been a repertoire of women's books that cover the tireless efforts of the gender equality struggle over the past few generations. Each book speaks volumes of the sacrifices taken to build a better future for our girls. Although the struggle has been wrought with obstacles and challenges, each woman who joined the campaign continues to do her part one way or the other so that we can have greater opportunities. Whether or not we choose to exercise that potential is a personal choice, but its hard at times not to question the motives of those who choose the domestic life over a professional one

Am I being judgmental? Perhaps. Because having the right to choose means that if some women prefer to stay home, then it is a decision that must be respected. Who is to say that the struggle for equality has ever been about choosing one lifestyle over the other? 

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