Thursday, June 19, 2014

Florida's and Louisana's Abortion Laws: Degrading, Primitive, and Unnecessary

This past week, two states passed abortion laws. Florida's and Louisiana's governors somehow managed to pass laws restricting women's choices on the future of their unborn fetuses. Regardless of your views on abortion, this news should be unsettling.

In Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindall required hospitals to admit patients in their facilities within 30 miles of where any procedures are to take place. Quite frankly, I'm not sure what the real purpose of this new law is, only that the governor has stated it is to protect the woman and her fetus. Abortion rights advocates claim this move will put neighboring abortion clinics out of business. Florida's governor just passed a law restricting abortions to an explicit and judgmental order from doctors. Medical practitioners are to determine the likelihood of whether a fetus will survive or not outside the womb before an abortion can be authorized.

Here's what is troubling: both governors are male, and not one included in their alleged protective abortion laws any input by the parents, let alone the mother who is carrying this life inside of her and having to make the heart-wrenching decision to terminate that life.

My frustration with the news has absolutely nothing to do with my views on abortion. As long as the mother is physically and mentally capable of making sound decisions, whether or not to abort should be made on a personal basis. Has nothing to with pro-choice or pro-life, only that as women, we should be able to make choices that affect our lives. Not politicians, not the government, and definitely not males. Unless they are the joint parent and sincerely available to help make that choice.

What do we say to women when we allow politicians, especially men, to pass laws on reproductive rights? That they are too incompetent and irrelevant to make such choices on their own. That we are forcing them back to the middle ages and illegal abortions, or worse, potential neglect and abuse of their newborns they were forced to have by their elected leaders. It's degrading, primitive, and unnecessary meddling. And that citizens are taking a step back and allowing this to happen just shows how little regard we still have for women.

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