Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Staying on top of minimum wage laws

President Obama has renewed his calls for a minimum wage increase once again. His goal is to pass a bill to gradually raise the minimum wage to $10.10 over the next few years. Once again, his announcement was met with mixed results, with naturally, the conservatives fervently against it and the democrats considering it.

The fight over minimum wage is a complicated, convoluted  one. Those against it site the impact on small businesses and the economy, and those for it use the same argument.  Either way, what really matters is not whether businesses will be hurt by this move, but how it will help those wage workers who rely on it to raise a family. Most of those are the vulnerable.

As women, any changes in the minimum wage impacts us and our families, especially since its mostly women who wind up taking these low paying jobs. It is important we stay updated on this topic. First choice for any source of information should be the Department of Labor to review current laws. As enforcers of the minimum wage laws, the department has the responsibility to keep the public well-informed. There are links to other information as well, such as workers' rights, steps to take if your rights are being violated, history of minimum wage and arguments for it. The site also keeps visitors updated on current and future changes.

Link to the Department of Labor's website:

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