Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rise of the anti-feminists

Reading a lot lately about the rise of anti-feminists. Not the typical stereotype that most likely comes to mind. These are apparently women who want their gender in the serving in the kitchen all day. Not that it's a bad idea sometimes because cooking can be soothing past time, but its a problem when we're made to think that is all we should be limited to.

These so-called anti-feminists are not a new trend unfortunately. Many would be more familiar with their type if they were referred more as misogynists. They are the type whose minds are still trapped in a time warp, or traditional values, where duty trumps individualism. I have several in my own inner circle, such as my mother and aunts who are still convinced that it is a man's world and the woman's world is to preserve that status quo.

This older generation was brainwashed to think this way. They lived their lives embracing this thinking and it is all they know. To justify their sacrifices, they try to pass it on to the newer generations. It is their way of making sense of the decisions that was forced onto them, whether they agreed with them or not.

Only my female relatives came from another environment. They packed up up their values along with their other belongings and traveled abroad, carrying these ideas with them. While this scenario may not apply to every woman who follows this thinking, we have to admit that we are all slaves to out own biases.

For the ones who are broadcasting these outdated gender roles onto the tv screen, ee can accuse them of just plotting to gain recognition on some sort of biased notion. That may be the case to the narcissists who will go to any length for attention, but it is not the norm. Nor is it normal, but they are entitled to their own paralyzed thinking. Experience has taught me that challenging these anti-feminists only empowers them. Our need to make sense of our thinking and choices only inflames our need to preserve them. Its best to just let them express their opinions, as insulting and horrific as we find them, and use them as examples of prisoners of repression. For it is only those afraid of change that cling to old ideas to prevent progress.

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