Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pew Study: Changing perceptions in workplace gender equality

A new study by the Pew research group continues to support the challenges of gender equality in employment, only the reasons leading to its persistence have changed.

Unlike past periods, it is unilateral among the American adults surveyed that women are just as qualified as men to lead, but why they are still in the minority varies. While women were found to possess positive leadership traits such as ethics, conviction, and honesty, they were still limited to more female-related industries, such as retail. In contrast, men were voted as best to lead male-dominated industries such as oil and gas.

The survey is revealing as to the changing climate in the workplace. Today's companies are no longer infiltrated by one particular generation, but includes a number of generations collaborating together, namely the Millennial age and the upcoming retiring Baby Boomers. This generation gap was evident by the responses to whether women should delay having children to rise to the top, which 46 percent of the younger generation believed, or whether they should first build a family and then aim for top leadership positions, as the older generation suggested.

What was startling were the results to having a female run the country. Democrats were more likely to look forward to seeing a woman take office than Republicans, especially among female participants. Another eye-opener was in the divide between whether or not the country needs to continue supporting gender equality in the workplace. Republican men and women split on this one, with a majority of women believing more needs to be done but both genders registered as Democrats believe not enough has been done.

I will be covering the survey in detail within the next week on my other site, so stay tuned.

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