Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Affordable Care Act and Small Businesses

The Small Business Administration is holding workshops through the end of February discussing the Affordable Care Act. Small business owners have a marketplace they can visit to choose among various health care plans. Known as SHOP, the marketplace allows business owners to select insurance for their employees. The self-employed can visit the website as well. Selection for small businesses is year round and the self-employed have through February 15th to choose a qualified health plan. The purpose of the health insurance marketplaces is to provide the uninsured the opportunity to find coverage at a reasonable cost. It pits private insurance companies against each other to compete for policy holders, thus driving down the cost of plans. All insurance plans offer the same basic coverage and under the new law, have less restrictions than the ones offered in prior years.

Visit to find a marketplace in your state or request a free brochure.

To sign up for the webinars, visit

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