Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sororities are not so bad after all

I wasn't happy when my daughter announced she was trying out for a sorority. Coming from the east coast, I had heard too many bad experiences about girls from sororities. They were never first-hand accounts, but stories related from a friend of a friend. After speaking to several acquaintances, they reassured me she would be okay because they were part of sororities once and turned out okay. I decided to take a step back and allow my daughter to make up her own mind.

The school year is almost over now, and I am very happy to report that my fears were unwarranted. Since joining the sorority, my daughter was assigned a mentor who would guide her through Greek life, be there if she had any questions, and just wait in the shadows, watching. My daughter not only thrived her first year, but she's become much more confident, has made tons of friends, and is now running for executive office. Best of all, she has developed a fondness and closeness with her new sisters.

I was on campus just yesterday for a sorority event. I was pleased to see that the girls are lead by a parent who is always available during parties and activities. The girls are never left alone and males are not allowed upstairs where the rooms are. It was a pleasant event, with sorority members spending quality time with their mothers and other members, and there were girls from adjoining groups that arrived as well. I was reassured at that time that my daughter would be just fine.

The only disappointment I encountered was over dinner, when two parents bought their underage daughters alcoholic drinks. I expressed my feelings about the matter, then explained to my daughter why it was wrong. There is a very high probability that these young girls will start drinking when their parents aren't around. Besides, underage drinking is illegal. I hope they prove me wrong, but I didn't feel those parents were setting a good example.

There are many benefits to the sorority life though. I spent my morning today researching Greek life and the benefits of joining. A report showed that sorority girls succeed both during school and in their careers. You can read more about it here:

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