Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book Review: Stand Out by Dorie Clark

What does it take to develop a big idea? The one that has been swimming in your head at night, distracting you from your day job with a series of research marathons and questions because something needs to change? Dorie Clark's new book, Stand Out, takes you through a step-by-step process that guides readers to becoming the next thought leaders.

Having an idea is not enough. There needs to be some contemplation, the patience to ask the right questions, and the need to make an impact in the lives and work of those affected by your idea. If you think it takes a genius or an expert to pinpoint and develop that idea, then you are among the thousands who have given up on changing the world.

Stand Out is divided into multiple chapters, first discussing what thought leadership is and eventually leading readers to identifying their game-changing ideas and building them to market. Each chapter is divided into subtopics and finished off with key questions to help readers along their journey. Introduced are leaders known and unknown to the general public who were bold enough to take a simple idea and run with it. Some of the examples she leans on have developed staple items, while others made small changes to already existing ideas that wound up impacting the way things were originally done.

That is a major point that Dorie Clark seems to highlight throughout her book. You don't need grand ideas to make an impact. Anyone can become a thought leader at any level, whether it's for the local community or the global one. You get there by taking the time to realize a need that requires a solution. Anyone can do it, but only the few will put in the effort to turn those ideas into products. You accomplish this by creating a following and selling your ideas to an audience who is willing to invest in your product as you are.

Stand Out does an excellent job of leading the next line of thinkers through the development process. Her chapters are brief but thorough, and her method from idea to product is practical. Even if you're not in the middle of creating something new, Stand Out will help readers bent on seeing any goal materialize go from infancy to maturity.

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