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Available now is my 8-step guide to financial health for $10. Included are budgeting, savings, and investing tips for those committed to managing their money the stress-free way. If you have challenges sticking to a budget, or don’t know where to start investing your money, this guide will walk you through sequential steps as a starting point. Wealth is never the goal here, but a direction toward financial health and peace of mind.


On, the e-book about my journey toward financial literacy, discussions with women about the challenges of personal finance, and what the latest research shows:

Over the past two decades, consumers have become vulnerable to history's most noted financial downfalls. While these events do not discriminate, women are in greater danger of falling prey because they are less financially literate than men to shield themselves against such abuses. Studies show women are more likely to incur debt, avoid investing for retirement, and stay in abusive relationships than men. Teaching women financial literacy has been found to help them gain the independence they need to avoid being abused by the market system and controlling men.

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