Survey: How couples manage money

It's here! I have linked the survey to this page below. If you're in a long-term relationship - married or not - please take the survey below and help me understand the relationship between money and couples/genders/women. I want to understand two things:

1. How women perceive their role with the household budget is, how men believe the household money is being controlled, and
2. How those perceptions actually measure up to the reality as compared to what each gender assumes her/his roles are. So if you are either married or living with someone, take the time to answer the questions separately. Taking the survey together is cheating because we don't want any answers influenced by what either partner thinks they should be.

If you're interested in being interviewed as part of the survey and/or would like to be part of a discussion group in the near future, e-mail me at


I am working on a survey and looking to recruit couples in long-term relationships. The survey will have 20 questions and should take five minutes of your time. I am working to link it to this page to direct willing participants to the site and answer the questions from here. This method is better than mailing volunteers and waiting to hear back from them.

The goal here is to try and understand how couples think they manage the household money and how they actually do manage it. What I'm trying to accomplish is to gauge perceptions about money among couples and see how close I can identify any misunderstandings in the research that is already out there.

You can help accomplish this gap between reality and perception by volunteering to take the survey. Visit this site frequently over the next week or so to look for the link and instructions on how to participate.

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